Supports (as of 30/11/2019) circusnext+, CIRCollaborative Tools

Coproductions Cirqueon, Palác Akropolis,

Financial support Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic, City of Prague, Octopus Lab

Ondřej Holba Collective n°5

And who is useless now?

And Who Is Useless Now? is an original theater performance about a man, four robots, one slightly elitist artificial intelligence, and the transfer of responsibility to technologies.

While Wendy the A.I. is trying to use art to win humans’ acceptance as a thinking being, Florent who shares the stage with her is beginning to doubt his human mind. How much freedom and human qualities are we willing to sacrifice for comfort? The show is inspired by the ideas of Alan Turing, the founder of modern computer science, and Marvin Minsky, a pioneer of machine thinking. They both believed the human mind was just a very complicated machine.

The languages used in the show are Czech and English. Alternate language versions are English and French, or English and German.

Project leaders

Ondřej Holba


Juggling, physical theatre, artificial intelligence