Contemporary circus is a blossoming sector despite diverse levels of recognition in Europe and an unequal distribution of higher education opportunities. Its cultural players are faced with many challenges:

Emerging circus creators have to integrate a very tight labor market, in a difficult economic environment.
As artistic creators, they are also “multi-hats” project leaders.

Cultural operators must support these emerging creators in all dimensions of their endeavors (artistic creation, production, structuration, communication, etc).


Emerging circus creators have sometimes difficulties in bridging the gap between the notion of “authorship” and that of entrepreneurship.

Cultural operators must develop their skills to support and raise the awareness of these emerging creators.

Our objectives

Development of an entrepreneurial spirit and related skills by contemporary circus creators

Competences development of cultural operators who accompany circus creators in Europe

Experimentation of an innovative way to raise the profiles of artists and operators through a genuinely European cooperation and concerted support for the artists


Joint staff workshops for the partners’ support staff: practices exchanges, development of a common knowledge, transmission by external experts.

Collective labs for the selected creators: collective explorations of artistic writings, mentoring and support.

Artistic team workshops: artistic research and project development as project leaders.

Evaluation and documentation of the project to share our journeys and the development of our practices.


We believe in a human and benevolent relationship to the artists that is quite different from a business relation.

We offer an accompaniment that is often detached from the pure diffusion of their shows and have a strong commitment to build a partnership with the artists and to follow them up on a mid/long-term scale.

We act as “outside eyes”, sometimes as guides but never as substitute for the project leader.

We position ourselves beyond business relations to our peers: we keep our freedom of speech and critical analysis despite our links to the artists we accompany. We don’t position ourselves as their “artistic agents” or as their “marketers”.