To develop the skills of emerging creators both as artistic directors and as project leaders, and those of cultural operators who provide support to emerging circus creators, three types of activities are carried out within the project.

Artistic Team Workshops

Artistic team workshops gather all members of a company (artistic creators, artists, technicians, light/sound designer, producer…) for a two-week period.

The team members are invited to work on all aspects of their project, beyond purely artistic matters (creation, technical matters, production, communication…) with support of the hosting partner.

Collective Labs

Collective Labs gather the creators of five circus companies associated to circusnext+ project during two weeks.

They are designed to collectively explore the artistic creation, the project and production processes under the guidance of a mentor and the hosting partner’s team.

Joint staff workshops

Joint staff workshops are intended for the partners’ staff who provide support to emerging circus artists.

During three-day workshops, staff members from all six project partners gather to exchange on their practices with the help of external experts, in the aim of developing common knowledge about support to emerging artists.

When possible, Joint Staff Workshops are linked to Collective Labs. Encounters between support staff members and artists enable both parties to better identify each other’s needs and skills to develop accordingly.