Below Zero


The title Korus is a Swedish word for a collective voice. The starting point has been four acrobats, a wire of steel, a mini-teeterboard and a wooden log. We are exploring what happens in the tactile meeting of these elements, in the relation between the natural and the constructed.

How does the human relate to the natural? Who affects who? What is natural and initial? Within this work, we explore intimacy, vulnerability and humanity. Korus is a piece about connection, about finding a collective voice.

Project leaders

Axel Ahl, Sara Sanchez Runsten, Lukas Ivanow, Klara Sköldulf Philipp


Tight wire, teeterboard, partner acrobatics

Supports (as of 30/11/2019) circusnext+, Futurum, Jatka 78, Cirkus Cirkör, Ytterjärna Kulturhus