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Som Noise


Breach /briːtʃ/: (n) violation or infraction of a rule or law; rupture in a relationship; gap, rift, fissure. (v) Act of emerging to the surface.

She’s humble and submissive.

She’s strong and sometimes likes to be dominated in sex.

She’s not been able to say no.

She didn’t say anything because she felt very embarrassed, she felt guilty, and she isn’t even sure if she was really raped or abused.

A cry in silence and a memory in stand-by.
And who are they? And us?
Let’s begin to talk.

Intimate, poetic and visceral. Through a physical and musical language, Som Noise invites the spectator to a space of ambiguity between pleasure and pain, eroticism and violence and submission and empowerment, to reach a dialogue about cases of abuse and the systemic sexist violences.

Project leaders

Thais Julià, Matías Muñoz, Vivian Friedrich


Aerial rope, live music (electronic percussion and soundscapes) and performance art (non-newtonian fluid)